Saturday, December 04, 2010

SMAN 6 Malang

I don't actually talk about koprol anymore, but it's completely still related to my previous post.. finally I got my "add new place" button on koprol.. it's amazing, I mean, I've been waiting for about 6 months to get ehmm some kinda "honor" to create a place on it.. so, first place I remember was, my ex-high school.. I feel so much more like amazed to become one of "creators" on koprol, and I can't wait to become one of top curators on it too.. ;) let's see!! shall we?! o, I don't forget to thank to Kurators approving the place I submitted.. :)

my high school now, I absolutely worked my ass off (hahahaha) I don't really love to talk about how I was as a high school student.. I think, my time as a student was the most stressful time ever in my life, besides my pregnancy time and wait for the birth to come (scary and nervous)..

I remember how I have to wake up early in the morning, help some my mom's home works, set everything up, then get myself ready to go (in rush to school) and took the exam was another most stressful thing too.. I hate books ( I hate reading book with so many letters and no pictures on it), I hate study.. that was a miracle I graduated.. LOL.. no, I was not that stupid, I mean I wasn't an ignorant, never was never will be.. I was just lazy to learn about something.. the only subject I enjoyed too much was English..

rebels and heartaches in my teenage, talk about it later.. thank God, years later after my graduation day, things are so amazing, and I assureI live it fully.. ;)

tour d'SMAN 6 Malang (berdua Papa Alif)

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