Wednesday, December 01, 2010

my own kind adventure

If nutrilon's new tag-line was "life is an adventure", aku udah bikin juga pas moved to Tanjung on February 2010, I said on my FB "real adventure is living with my husband" ternyata so it is.. it's like I discovered new things I never felt, never smelt, never learned, never heard before since I've been with him.. not so much later, on 28 January, it's kinda gonna be our 7th anniversary.. wow, it's been 7 years I "knew" this guy.. so many sweet stories about both of us to tell.. maybe I'd write about it all down one day..
Two days ago, on Monday, I took that as my another vacation.. technically that wasn't any vacation at all, that was just another road-trip back to Tanjung.. a different kind of adventure of ours.. my husband's brother driven us, still the same road, the same oges gandul like usual.. I actually planned on getting another next vacation to Martapura, but it looked like kinda impossible for this time because we had my father in-law with us.. he had to get back to Balikpapan as soon as he can after he got us here.. hmm.. I can't wait for the next time they promised us to get here again and get some "another more amazing' vacation around South Kalimantan, hopefully, it's gonna be next month.. :D
Nasi Gandul Kuaro

di perbatasan Kalsel-Kaltim
sate itik Julak Anang
well, here I go again, from where I'm sitting, waiting for him to get home, typing "I don't have anything else better to do than FB and blogging", it's my own kind adventure, taking care of my "happily ever after" man, cook his food, wash his dishes, take care of his son, wash his clothes, and watch him doing his stuff and playing guitar.. the most simple adventure with highest honor in my religion, be a wife and mother.. I don't know whether I'm a good wife or bad one, he just loved me for what I am.. I never stop thanking Allah for gave me him.. and I never will stop asking Allah for forgiveness and blessing for our love and marriage and our whole families..

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