Thursday, December 09, 2010

adventurous paper trip

kalau yesterday I had some shopping stuff to do.. they're done.. today, I think I'm just gonna spend this Thursday (hopefully, it's not gonna be chilly outside) running around the town lagi.. I have to send my husband's application letter.. Gosh, it's internet era.. and this company that advertised the job opportunity is kinda big, huge and you know kinda Foreign Investment Company, atau orang Indonesia biasa nyebut PMA.. tapi send application via pos.. beugh!! it complicates it..
So, I must find the nearest post office.. I don't know much about this small town.. seems I'll have another adventure today.. I'll make sure I take the first class mailing time to send this application letter, it's kinda urgently.. the application close on 11th, means it's the day after tomorrow.. whew!! and I don't know how long it takes to ship mail to Balikpapan.. Semoga besok udah nyampe.. it's a big chance, and I don't wanna miss this one..

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