Monday, November 08, 2010

quit hating Mondays

Like I've always said, Mondays always suck, for some reasons, it does.. Just like today.. Seems like Monday never stop sucking my life.. Things break me sometimes, like a problem with no solution, but fact-not to be solved.. Just go with a flow.. And take a decision which way I ought to walk from there.. Maybe I just should do something can cheer me, especially on Monday.. Maybe do something different, wear thing that makes me feel good, wear my favorite cologne and body lotion.. Anything.. Well thank myself, I've downloaded Kariage so it can me smile a bit.. I think I never win fight against Monday.. I've been in the same situation, on each Monday.. I don't know how, just it is.. Just try to make my Monday lovely, but ever tried, ever failed.. Try again, fail again.. I don't know what, Monday sucks a lot, then if I die, it will still sucks anyway.. Now, just to wait for my husband to get home.. Then get everything's fixed.. (sigh) When Monday sucks and boring, take a nap..!! I'm taking now..

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