Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Live Off

MashaAllah, it's the first day of October already.. Two more months until 2015. It just hit me how fast this year is going. 2014 was pretty hectic, live on small business and it drained my energy most days. So, I quit my business last month. Right after I quit, I find my staying-at-home activity can be boring and lacking of excitement because I'd been around people all the time before. But I keep trying to explain myself the joys for being a full time mama again. I have more energy in the evenings for my husband and to play with Alif. A job or business will always be there, I can go back to work or run a business anytime. And I will eventually. But right now, cooking and schlepping Alif to his school are my biggest topic. And I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing at home.

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